When life gives you lemons...

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..making lemonade is one of your options. And that’s what I decided to do this week, when I found out that my website had been hacked.

Ever since I started Flowerona in 2010, I’m been using WordPress. And four years ago, I rebranded the site with a new logo, fonts and colour palette. However, for the last year or so, I’ve been considering moving to Squarespace. Technology is moving on so fast and my site was starting to look outdated. Also the plug-ins in WordPress needed constant updating and my site seemed to be bombarded with hackers. So, I kept on putting the transfer to the bottom of my To-Do List, again and again, as it seemed so daunting! Well this week, my hand was forced, when my website had to be taken down.

I decided to look at the situation in as positive a light as possible and convince myself that this was the trigger I needed to make the change. I’ve amazed myself how calm I’ve stayed whilst trying over the last two days to get the issue sorted. Everything else in my business has had to go on hold whilst I transferred my domain to Squarespace, with the help of their amazing Customer Support Team.

I’ve spent lots of time this afternoon configuring the site with my font styles and colour palette, with the overall aim of ensuring that this week’s edition of my regular Sunday blog post series, The Flowerona List, can go live. Crossed fingers! Now, I’ve still got lots of work to do with regards to setting up the site. But what I’ve done so far means that I continue to have a space on the internet. I just need to remind myself constantly that Rome wasn’t built in a day…

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