The Flowerona List | Inspiration for Florists | 04.11.18


It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for this week’s round-up of beautiful floral inspiration from around the globe!



– Stunning wedding florals by Designs by Hemmingway in this Provence shoot

– Floral-filled San Diego wedding with flowers arranged by Compass Floral

– Gorgeous bridal bouquets by The Love Co in this inspirational shoot

– Fabulous flowers by The Rose Shed at this summer wedding in Wales

– Florals by Remi + Gold at this intimate wedding in the South of France

– Winter vibes editorial with flowers by Martha & The Meadow

– Bohemian black tie wedding with flowers by Ava Flora


– In Season at New Covent Garden Flower Market this month

Do You Know What Makes You Unique? Such an amazing podcast by Amy Porterfield and Laura Belgray


Since I’ve started writing this new blog post series, I’ve begun to feel that this section didn’t really fit into the format. So, I’ve set up a new Instagram account! It’s called @TheFloweronaEdit. There you’ll find inspiration for 50+ year old women on everything from lifestyle, career, health, interiors, beauty, travel to fashion. Thank you so much to everyone who’s started following me there and for all your very kind words of encouragement!


This week, I’ve written the In Season report above for the New Covent Garden Flower Market website. I also visited the market on Tuesday morning for another Instagram Consultancy Session with flower wholesaler, Graeme at Zest Flowers. 121 training is one aspect of my job, which I love so much! And whilst I was there I also took photos of the Zest Flowers sales team for them to use on the app. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with flower availability, I highly recommend following his account and also taking a look at their Stories, which are created by his step-son, Luke. The rest of the week has been spent working on one of my projects behind the scenes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of The Flowerona List…and have a lovely Sunday!

(Image: Christine Clark Photography)